Sunday, February 11, 2007

Seedless in...(what rhymes with Seattle?)

I'm not even thinking about doing seeds this winter. Oh, I'll stick in the requisite sweet peas and maybe some zinnias, but I'm just no good with the follow-through when it comes to seeds. I lose interest, get too busy... I spend all sorts of money and often as not, the packets sit there for several years before I get tidy and throw them away (I hear gasping). Nope, I don't even throw them on the compost pile. I know, what kind of gardener am I who isn't musing over the catalogs during the long winter evenings? Of course, it helps that I often spend two months of the winter in Florida.

I apologize to whoever made this wonderful image for not giving them full credit, but I couldn't find a copyright or a name. At any rate, here's where I found it, you figure it out (it's pretty damn interesting actually and I think I have to stop blogging now to look into this further):

Curse of Blackmoor Manor
(be sure to scroll down when you get there...)

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