Monday, February 12, 2007


Photo by Bob Gress

We were having dinner this evening when I thought I saw some movement in the bushes just across the bayou. I watched for a few minutes and then I saw it, sitting there gazing back at me, calm and quiet - a bobcat! We grabbed the binoculars and got a good look, since the bayou is only a few yards across. There were two of them, who then went along their way on the various paths we've seen over there when we go over to the beach. We see their scat from time to time but didn't think we'd be lucky enough to see the cats themselves. After oohing and aahing for a bit, we settled back down to our meal (yummy chicken curry). In a few minutes, Sally, our 7 month old miniature Australian Shepherd, alerted to sights and sounds in the back yard: Sure enough, they were back, and this time they were on our side, right on the lawn. They hesitated for a few moments, well aware of our presence, and so unsure as to the safest course. But soon they deemed it safe enough to hurry along, and they ran along the sand into the brush, not to be seen again.

I was so pleased to have seen them. I saw bobcats here about 6 years ago, the first year we came down; but I was alone and have been teased ever since that I made it up. This time Philip saw them too, as well as his brother John. A definite high point for all (except perhaps for the bobcats).

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