Monday, April 14, 2008

Caltha palustris

Otherwise known as Marsh Marigold, happiest in boggy glens . Truly one of my favorites, and native to boot. Brilliant clear yellow...Hmm, do I have a picture? I might have to cheat and steal one... Here it is!

So cheerful, and so early. Later in the season I might not appreciate its bright starry gaze, but mid-April when we are often as not still frosty in the morning, it is a sight for winterized eyes that have been numbed by relentless grey.

I confess however, that I am even more fond of the white form. AHHHHH, Plant Snob! But it isn't the rarity that appeals, but the pristine simplicity of these flowers. I won't show you one: You will have to search for it yourself, and when and if you discover it, you will understand. And yeah, I would probably qualify as a plant snob.

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